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Iroquois County’s financial set-up raises questions

The finance department in Iroquois County has been realigned. And the new line-up raised some questions at Tuesday’s Board meeting.

Amanda Longfellow has returned to her previous position of County Board Assistant. She had been earlier been announced as the new Finance Director, replacing Anita Speckman, who left for a Kankakee position. Longfellow will also serve Human Resources. Her finance hiring came after an advertised-search failed to generate applicants that would satisfy the search committee.

The Board went with the hiring of Longfellow and the hiring of Jill Johnson as an assistant in the finance department.

Now, Board Chairman John Shure informed the Policy & Procedure Committee that Longfellow and Johnson will shift positions. Johnson will serve as Finance Manager with salary adjustments. Laci Kissack will continue as a deputy in the finance department.

The Policy & Procedure Committee gave its approval.

A Board vote approved the move 12-5 but some board members questioned why no one was informed about the action before-hand …. especially since the finance position is such an important one and now salary adjustments come into play.
Speckman’s departure some time ago called for a Search Committee to conduct a process to find qualified applicants. The process ended up being a restructure of the fiancé department with approval by the full County Board.

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