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Momentum shows in Indiana's fight against the opioid epidemic

Indiana is seeing some positive change in its fight against opioids. New numbers from the American Medical Association show Indiana's opioid prescription drug rates are going down faster than the national average.  The report said Indiana's numbers are down more than 35% since 2013. Nationally, that average number is only at 33%.

"It's a very exciting thing for me to see that Indiana has had a higher impact than the national average in the last few years," said Tricia Lohr, Pharmacy Manager at IU Health Frankfort. "Governor Holcomb called for an all hands on deck response to this," said Indiana's Drug Czar, Jim McClelland. His job is to lead the state against substance abuse. He was the first person appointed to this new position created by Governor Holcomb in 2017.

He said just in 2018, Indiana had a healthy decline in opioid prescription rates.

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