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3D mammography study in Vermilion County

The option of using newer-technology 3D mammography to screen for breast cancer is being expanded as part of a study in Vermilion County. Researchers are hoping to learn more in a National Cancer Institute study that's underway across the country.

Hundreds of local women are participating in the Tomosynthesis Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial, or TMIST for short. It’s offered thru the Carle Cancer Center in Urbana. Carle is preparing to expand the study to Vermilion County in July.
A 3D mammogram, which combines multiple images to create a three-dimensional view of each breast.

But while 3D may result in more biopsies, more cancer detections and less need to recall women for further testing, experts say, it also comes with both higher radiation exposure and higher cost. Researchers plan to follow participants' health for three years after the five-year mammogram period.

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