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Summer Food Safety Tips

               Iroquois Public Health distributes food safety suggestions >

Food is an important part of many summer backyard activities. Don’t let food-related illness ruin your fun.

Food safety boils down to five basic rules:
1. Keep hot food hot and cold food cold.
2. Keep everything in the kitchen clean.
3. Wash hands frequently.
4. Keep grills and utensils clean.
5. Properly handled leftovers.
Refrigerate cooked foods that are not served immediately. If food is left unrefrigerated longer than two hours, the chance of bacterial growth increases. Check your refrigerator to make sure it is at 41° F or less.

Recommendations also advise the public to prevent bacteria from getting into food by always thoroughly washing hands before handling food; avoid salmonella by properly thawing and cooking; practive safe storage of leftovers.

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