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Bennett says Graduated income tax increase 'unnecessary and unwise'

State Rep. Tom Bennett has taken issue against a proposal to implement a graduated income tax increase in Illinois. He calls the idea “unnecessary and unwise” for Illinois taxpayers.

The House Revenue and Finance Committee was expected to debate the issue today (Monday).

The tax increase proposal would change the state constitution from a flat income tax where everyone pays the same percentage of their income to the state in taxes, to one where lawmakers could set different rates on different groups of people. Supporters expect to raise taxes by more than $3 billion should the amendment be enacted.

Bennett said. “Raising them again will just create the temptation for even more reckless spending, and even more tax increases. It is an endless cycle. We can balance our budget without raising taxes if we are willing to work together and if we are determined to spend taxpayer dollars wisely.”

The amendment passed the Illinois Senate earlier this spring. It needs a three-fifths supermajority to pass the House. If it does, it would then be up to Illinois voters at the November 2020 election to decide whether to approve or disapprove amending the constitution.

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