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Local Kankakee County solar farms among area projects getting approved

                             Just 9 of 50 OK’d locally win state approval

The Illinois Power Agency (last week) selected solar projects that are eligible to receive renewable tax credits. Projects in Kankakee County total nine after the County Board gave the go-ahead for 50 sites.

The projects in Kankakee County are in Bonfield, St. Anne, Grant Park, Kankakee, Manteno and Momence.

WGFA News reported (Friday) one site southwest of Watseka was approved, Along with two in Vermilion County and another in Champaign County.

Kankakee County Board Chairman Andy Wheeler has shown full support for the county becoming a hot-bed to environmental projects. The Economic Alliance of Kankakee is also behind solar projects.

Peter Gray, spokesman for the Illinois Solar Industry Association, said the county’s local government bodies are missing out on tens of millions in tax dollars because only a fraction of the solar projects were approved for credits.

“The Illinois Power Agency did the best they could with what they had. They worked hard on it,” Gray said. “From our perspective, we need to move legislation in Springfield to expand the program overall. There are a lot of projects that are ready to go. If we have a bigger program, we can have steady growth in solar over the next few years.”

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