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Milford man enters guilty plea to 2nd-degree Murder

Instead of a scheduled-start to a murder trial in Iroquois County, a plea agreement for Randy White. The 22-year-old Milford man pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree Murder and Armed Violence for the shooting death of Restaurant owner Jesse Sintora.

Judge James Kinzer agreed to the plea deal. White was sentenced to 44 years in prison, getting credit for nearly 830 days served in the County Jail. He ‘ll also be subject to 50% time-served for good behavior – netting him a 22 year prison sentence.

White admitted he shot Sintora to death after the restaurant owner responded to his business being burglarized during the early-morning November 13, 2016.

State’s Attorney Jim Devine said it was “circumstantial evidence, not a lot of direct evidence that can lead to doubt.” But White will serve a lengthy prison term.

Having spent the last two-plus years in the Iroquois County Jail, White agrees to the State’s offer for prison time. Defense attorneys Ed Glazer and Frank Astrella said “it ends a tragic situation, Randy agrees to what’s appropriate considering he has no criminal record.” Glazer said the sentence is in line.

White was originally charged with 3-counts of 1st degree murder and burglary.

Judge Kinzer scheduled a March 5 Victim Impact Hearing.

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