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Elliott man's death ruled a homicide; police rekindle investigation

The death of a Ford County man last Spring has been ruled a homicide. Now, law enforcement is stepping up its investigation of the death of 34-year-old Jeremy Turner of Elliott.

A Ford County Coroner’s jury ruled (Wed) that Turner’s death was from a gunshot wound to the head. He was allegedly shot last May.

Turner was found dead alone in his home in Elliott on May 8, 2018. It was after firefighters from four agencies put out a major fire that engulfed the home.
An autopsy showed the cause of death was the gunshot to the head, even though soot was present in Turner’s airways. It was ruled he was alive at the time of the fire.

Coroner Rick Flessner said an autopsy didn’t reveal an immediate finding of a gunshot because the body was badly-burned.

The Ford County Record reported the Coroner’s jury also learned a handgun Mr. Turner reportedly kept loaded in the side of his recliner (along with another dozen guns) in the household, were removed the night of Mr. Turner’s death by a man purporting to be a “family friend.”

That man told police he removed the guns at the request of Mr. Turner’s widow. But she denied that. It was also reported, that man brought the pistol to the sheriff the day following Mr. Turner’s death, police found it “strange” that the gun had been taken apart and cleaned.

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