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Iroquois County Board re-elects Shure Chairman; Behrends elected Vice-Chaira

*(CORRECTION: wgfanews regrets an error in posting Paul Ducat's name. We incorrectly labled him Larry Ducat earlier.)

There was opposition in Iroquois County Board Chairman Monday evening.  But John Shure was re-elected Chair by the membership, which now includes seven new faces.

Shure was voted in 13-7 to defeat Chad McGinnis.  McGinnis was also nominated to serve as Vice-Chair but lost 12-8 to Lyle Behrends.

The seven new county board members who took their oath include:  Paul Bowers, Paul Ducat, John Zunwalt, Leann Hofbauer-Duby, Roger Bard, Steve Huse and Joe Young.

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