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Saint Joseph’s resurrected as 2-year college

Saint Joseph’s College at Rensselaer, IN has been resurrected by partnering with Marian University on a new two-year college in Indianapolis.

The liberal arts college in Jasper County closed last year but is now teaming up with its fellow Catholic college to open Saint Joseph’s College of Marian University–Indianapolis. It’ll be next to the existing Marian University campus in Indy. The new two-year college will offer programs in liberal arts, business and information technology.

Marian University President Daniel Elsener said “This is a collaboration between two Catholic institutions with a shared mission and history, Saint Joe’s has a rich tradition of educating thousands upon thousands of leaders with a strong liberal arts foundation. The outlook for success for our innovative two-year college is greatly enhanced by this collaboration.”

The goal is to have 75 to 125 students in the first year. A study will be done to see whether the school could be expanded to other areas of the state, including the Saint Joseph’s campus in Rensselaer.

A new release states “Our first priority is ensuring the successful opening of our flagship campus in Indianapolis,” Elsener said. “Once we have that site up and running, we can begin to look at expanding into rural areas, with the Rensselaer campus being a focal point of that study.”

The Saint Joseph's Phoenix team recently struck a deal on debt that will allow it to retain the Rensselaer campus.

“This is a positive step forward for the future of Saint Joseph’s College,” said the college's rector, the Rev. Barry Fischer. “Saint Joseph’s College continues to live, in both name and mission, and we are excited about the possibilities that will be presented through this collaboration.”

Saint Joseph's is pledging $1.5 million over the next decade for scholarships for needy students.

“Saint Joseph’s College and Marian University indeed share a mission, and a big part of that mission is to provide access to higher education for those who can’t afford it,” Fischer said.

For more information, visit marian.edu/saintjoeindy.

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