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Benton County, IN family recognized at State Fair

A family in Benton County is on the Featured Farmers list at the Indiana State Fair this year.

Maple Island Farms owner Brent Cox and his wife couldn't believe they were chosen.

Natasha and Brent Cox met at Purdue University but have been involved in agriculture all of their lives. They decided to create a new life together in Benton County. The couple started Maple Island Farms where they produce corn, soybeans and wheat products.

Brent says "we promote agriculture, production and the safety and stewardship every day. It's just kind of neat to be honored and do it on the forefront."

Co-owner Natasha Cox said her family's lives are not solely dependent on the farm. Everyone involved also holds full-time jobs that add a unique twist to their business.

"Most farms in the United States are family farms and most people don't know that," said Natasha. "We know agriculture is not about the glitz and the glamour, it's about the work that is put into it for food safety, transparency and sustainability around the world."

For them, this is a family business they hope will continue to grow with their children.

"Going through the ups and the downs in the market, that's really what made this opportunity to be the featured farmer very very important to us."

This was the fourth year Corteva Agriscience hosted the Featured Farmers event. Farmers from different regions will showcase agriculture products throughout the seventeen day fair.

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