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Iroquois County: access to Administrative Center for meetings to be reviewed

Mis-communication and misunderstandings is what happened to cause a problem last month that led to the Democratic Central Committee being denied access to the Iroquois County Adm Center in Watseka.

That’s how County Board Chairman John Shure described the situation to the full Board Tuesday. Moving forward, Shure said policy will have to set up......

“We need a policy set up. Until then, both parties will be allowed to continue meeting,” Shure said. “We don’t want to create a problem with last-minute changes and then no one’s available to let them in.”

Shure said it just seems like common sense, that anyone expecting to use the building should make sure someone is available to allow them inside the building.

Confusion occurred, Shure explained, when the Democratic Committee changed its meeting date from June 5 to May 24. Then, concerns about security and liability raised questions when the 9-1-1 Director questioned whether he should allow people to enter the building.

Chairman Shure said it was a regrettable situation which needs to be corrected.The Management committee will address the matter.

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