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Beware of scammers seeking access to your computer

It’s the world of scams – and it never seems to go away.

Citizens are again advised to be aware of scammers calling you – on landlines and cellphones ---telling you they represent Microsoft and you’re computer is on the verge of being shut down.

That’s if you don’t call them back and fall victim to them convincing you to turn over vital information that’ll allow them to have access to your computer. Then, they steal your personal info. And in some cases, they want you to pay them (VIA CREDIT CARD) a fee for them to correct the problem on the promise that they’ll reimburse your fee, once they fix the problem.

As always....DON’T DO IT !

Don’t tell them anything about yourself OR provide them any of your info that’ll make you a victim.

If you want to be nice...and not tell them what you really want to call them... JUST HANG UP !

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