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ICE program eyeing Newton County, IN

A multi-national operator of prisons and detention facilities, turned away in Gary, IN, is now looking at Newton County.

The U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) needs access to the Chicag0-land area and is looking at property near Roselawn, IN. The NW Times reports the ICE detainee program is interested in building an 800-bed facility.

It’s only exploratory. No solid plans have unfolded. Newton County Commissioners earlier (in March) rezoned 46 acres of land at Roselawn as a PGD (Public Government District).

The GEO Group was turned away from Gary, IN two years ago.

The ICE program is what Kankakee County has with the Rent-A-Bed program at the Jerome Combs Detention Center. It generates thousands of dollars per month in revenue.

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