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Onarga names its Citizen of-the-Year: John Banks

A guy who quietly serves his community in the background is getting his due. John Banks is the Village of Onarga’s Citizen-of-the-Year !

John Banks, and his wife, Kathy, are long time citizens of Onarga. And most will say, they’ve blessed the community in so many ways.

Friday evening, John Banks was patted on the back with a huge honor – named by the Onarga Chamber of Commerce as its top citizen........

"I think it's a great honor." Banks tells WGFA News.  "For somone who's spent 50 years of their life in Onarga and watched change in town and downtown, it's great. I'm humbled with this honor."

John Banks does most everything quietly, without much fan-fare. The Chamber of Commerce officials say “when you hear someone call him “Mr John,” you know in some way he’s helped that person and his family attain a better life in Onarga.”

Banks served 23 years on the Onarga Fire Department. He served over 20 years on the Onarga Townshiop Library Board, even helping bring computers into the library so the community had access to ‘the world’ outside the town. His financial help also with renovations of the library.

John & Kathy Banks continue as outstanding citizens for all of Onarga and the area.

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