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Church, civic groups, citizens all help with flood relief

Neighbors helping neighbors. That’s a common theme when disaster strikes. And several community folks and organizations have again leaned on each other for help ---following another flood in Iroquois County.

The flood waters of Sugar Creek and the Iroquois River have receded. Now clean-up is underway. And there’s weeks and months of work ahead to get people back to something called normal.

The City of Watseka is pressing ahead. Mayor John Allhands praises the community and county and city leaders for their efforts helping flood victims. As clean-up continues, debris clean-up, damage assessments, and moral support is the order of business.

Watseka ended its curfew, which limited overnight activity from 9p til 4a. The city’s disaster declaration was extended for 30 days. Iroquois County officials will likely do the same.

Besides Watseka, Cissna Park, Milford and Woodland were all hard-hit by the flood waters. Several rural locations also experienced high waters. Damage assessments are being coordinated by the county Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

Mayor Allhands commends the many groups who stepped up to offer assistance. He also praised the city department leaders for the guidance at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.
The county’s EMA office is coordinating follow-up assistance. Those in need can call 815-432-6997.

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