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Flood help raises concern of potential scams

Local officials are warning citizens of potential scammers at work as flood clean-up picks up. Those in need of getting their lives back together need to be aware of people who may not have your best interests in mind.

Flood victims can get a list of reputable home repair businesses from city and county officials. Victims are advised to do business with those you know.

Often times, people come calling to your home regarding trees that are unsafe or damaged. Foundations inspections are common. The list can add up.

WATCH FOR FLOOD SCAMS is the advice from law enforcement.

Before you allow anyone on your property to do any type of work, check them out. Background checks are suggested. Be cautious. Check their credentials. If they are, in fact, with a power company; call that company to verify. If they are a contractor, call your local city/county leaders to verify their registration.

If you have elderly family members, share this information with them and suggest they contact you to verify the story before they allow work to be done or give anyone money.
Anyone feeling threatened should call 9-1-1.

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