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Iroquois County Board schedules ‘special meeting’ to sort details of union contract

A January 25 ‘special meeting’ is on the calendar for Iroquois County officials to try to determine what’s next after an arbitrator ruled in favor of the union that’ll give 9-1-1 dispatchers three-years of back-pay.

The ruling, which could be appealed, disrupts the FY2018 budget, by some $70,000.

County Board Chairman John Shure says the ‘special meeting’ will be closed session talks to explore other options.

"Not much to say right now, nothing's been decided," Shure told 94.1 WGFA.

The emergency dispatchers are entitled to retro-active wages, dating back to 2015...under terms of the arbitrator’s ruling. Six veteran dispatchers will be paid comp time, overtime, and personal days. The amounts range from $27 to $30,000.

94.1 WGFA