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Riverside completes East Tower capstone project and opens all-private room 5th floor

Technology, innovation and expertise continue
to transform patient experiences at the area's Top 100 Hospital

Riverside Healthcare opened the East Tower in 2011 with the promise and realization of transforming healthcare. Now, in 2017, as Riverside completes the capstone project of the East Tower and opens the all-private room 5th floor, it does so again with state-of-the-art technology and advances in the healthcare teams' processes and protocols that takes health care and patient experiences to new levels.

"With the opening of the 5th floor of the East Tower, we have again made sure we are bringing patients the latest in technology and the most advanced methods to provide quality care," said Phil Kambic, president and CEO of Riverside Healthcare. "By integrating these aspects along with the expertise that our health care teams provide, we help to ensure patients are receiving the best possible care."

The East Tower 5th Floor was planned to provide the most effective and efficient use of the space for optimal patient care, healthcare team collaboration and responsiveness. featuring two main nursing stations, additional nurse substations, multiple medication and nutrition rooms and team renewal space. One of the most important reasons for the 5th floor completion is a focus on providing patients with private rooms.

Riverside's new East Tower 5th Floor features 42 patient-centered private rooms in 33,000 square feet of space. These private rooms will accommodate orthopedic patients and neurological patients, as well as medical and surgical patients. The rooms average at more than 325 square feet in size, a feature that helps in the healing process. Research shows patients in single-occupancy rooms large enough to accommodate family members - as is the case in the East Tower - fare better since social contact with one's support system reduces stress and can improve patient health. Patients in private rooms are also at lower risk for hospital-acquired infections.

Another innovative aspect of the East Tower's 5th Floor is MyChart Bedside. Riverside's MyChart Bedside is a mobile tablet-based technology designed to enhance the inpatient experience. Using easy 'touchscreen' prompts through a secure iPad, patients and their families can access a wealth of information and educational resources.

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