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Iroquois County continues to make negative news; everybody’s watching…

-- Animal Control harassment & mistreatment allegations stir controversy --

Iroquois County has a knack of making news in the most-negative way. And so many others are watching the drama continue.

WGFA News has received four inquiring calls since Tuesday evening, including three other news sources. And – there’s no sign of ending anytime soon......

" I've heard from so many people about this corruption and bullying. I have legal help lined up," Jamie Fanning told reporters after the latest meeting.

Fired-Animal Control Warden Jamie Fanning, who says her cry of harassment and mistreated animals have been ignored and pushed aside. The allegation, she said, led to her dismissal.

Tuesday’s Tax Committee meeting stirred more questions, few answers, and many hard feelings and bad-will.

Perhaps the biggest issue is disagreement whether Fanning was a county employee or a hired-contractor ?

County Board Chairman John Shure addressed the committee about last month’s Tax meeting, presenting documentation about the animal control position – saying there’s misinformation and incorrect statements.

Shure said his documents show the warden is an independent contractor and not an employee.

Because Fanning was not a county employee, county officials including Tax Committee Chairman Marvin Stichnoth said the county doesn’t have to investigate her claim of harassment.
That didn’t go over well ......

Board member Sherry Johnson and other Fanning supporters say everyone deserves justice in harassment claims.

State's Attorney Jim Devine said it appears to be a “he said, she said situation.”

Devine explained department heads determine job performance, not the tax committee.

As for harassment, the county is not required to investigate a contracted-employee complaint ? ..........

Meanwhile – the state department of agriculture is investigating Iroquois Count Animal Control for operating without a license, which the county has since applied for.

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