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Iroquois County P & P committee moves to reverse ‘night meetings’

It was just last month when the Iroquois County Board voted 9-7 to move the full board meetings on the second Tuesday of the month to 6 pm rather than the 9 am meeting time.

Now, the Policy & Procedure committee is recommending a 5 pm meeting the first and 4th quarter of the years with 9 am meetings April thru September. The issue heads to the full board in December (12/12).

A compromise was suggested, not to inconvenience county employees whose work days end at 4:30 pm. The effect of night meetings on employees wasn’t considered with the earlier vote, according to comments made at (Thursday’s) P&P meeting.

The calendar year for meeting schedules/times was voted on as part of a listed-agenda item in November. Yet—the matter was re-visited as the new fiscal year begins.

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