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Jasper County Sheriff’s office to give congregants security training

Jasper County Sheriff Terry Risner announced in a press release (Wed) that his office will be offering security training programs for members of local churches.

Due to the recent shootings at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas and at other public venues, the local department has received requests from area church staff on how to secure the premises during gatherings.

The sheriff's department is working in conjunction with the Indiana Sheriff’s Association in developing a training course directed towards Jasper County’s church communities.

Sheriff Risner said “It is a sad statement that in today’s world we have to provide such training for our places of worship; however, we must do all within our abilities to protect citizens from insane acts of violence.

The sheriff adds, “Our intent is to bring awareness and prioritize safety for each individual during the time of worship.” Many might say Rensselaer and Jasper County are pleasant places to live and worship. But that pleasant atmosphere hasn’t stopped citizens from becoming worried about the possibility of such violence. And many have already begun discussing how to secure gathering places from it. Chief Deputy Pat Williamson said the office had at least four such requests come in from local churches on Tuesday alone.

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