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No appeal from GLBR, project may be dead

The Great Lakes Basin Railroad failed to meet a deadline to appeal its rejected application for a huge rail yard proposal, that would have consumed several thousand acres in Illinois and Wisconsin.

The appeal was due in federal court to request another look at what was earlier rejected. The proposal called for constructing a more than 260-mile freight rail yard.

Kankakee County was included along with counties in north-west Indiana.

The GLBR Transportation Group had a 60-day window from August 31st to appeal the Service Transportation Board’s decision to reject. This may end the project unless a new proposal is drawn up.

--- Rep. Parkhurst legislation strengthens private property rights ---

State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst of Kankakee this week filed legislation to strengthen individual property rights in Illinois. The goal is to curb the practice of using eminent domain for private gain. The legislation, HB 4150, amends the eminent domain act to strengthen eminent domain laws to make sure property acquisition is for a necessary public purpose and removes languages referring to freight railroads.

Concerning the bill’s language, Parkhurst explains “Eminent Domain should be used only in appropriate circumstances truly necessary for public use. We must not allow our government to take private property for private gain. This bill is intended to strengthen private property rights and prevent the taking of private land for private gain such as the attempt by the Great Lakes Basin Railway.”

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