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In an effort to differentiate themselves from the pack of applicants for Amazon's HQ2, Kankakee County would allow Amazon to create what they call "Amazon City."

The county's proposal would grant the online retail giant a large swath of unincorporated land as well as unfettered access over much of its regional airport. In doing this, Bezos and Co. would have a clean slate to create a community in their own image.

Kankakee County Board Chairman Andy Wheeler says it allows a visionary like Bezos to tailor the city to his company and community.

"We can now create the boxes were we unable to check before," Wheeler said. "Now we're on the map for others to see what we have as siting areas."

Illinois Municipal League Director Brad Cole says the proposal is certainly unique.

Wheeler admits that even a home-rule community in Illinois would still have to deal with the state's notoriously high taxes and red tape.

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