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Police stand-off in Pontiac, man in custody >

A trained-negotiator helped police in Livingston County fuse a hostage situation in Pontiac Friday. A man and woman were holed up in an apartment for several hours before the matter was resolved. Both the man and woman were in custody while investigators tried to unravel what had been going on.

Dozens of officers from the Pontiac Police Department and Livingston County Sheriff’s Department made their presence known at the intersection of Division & North Streets The man allegedly held the woman against her will at an apartment complex. It all began at 10:42 am, according to Livcom dispatchers. Both individuals were taken into custody at approximately 1:07 p.m.

Eyewitnesses and sources familiar with the individuals involved, reported Justin Doan was holding a woman in his apartment against her will. Efforts were made to get Doan to surrender.

Pontiac Police talked to Doan by phone, confirming what eyewitnesses said about how the incident began. (The woman was being held because police were uncertain what her involvement was all about).

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