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Milford man guilty for tomahawk attack on sheriff deputy; acquitted of sexual abuse of underage step-sister

An Iroquois County jury (Wednesday) took a little less than two hours to find 30-year-old Kevin Funk guilty of attempted murder and aggravated battery to a police officer.

But the same jury found the Milford man ‘not guilty’ of sexually abusing his 9-year-old step-sister several times until she was 14-years-old.

That’s why Iroquois County State’s Attorney Jim Devine is still disappointed in the verdict, even though sheriff investigator Clint Perzee and his family get satisfaction from the tomahawk attack he suffered at the hand of Funk....

Funk faces a minimum 20 years in prison for Attempted Murder of a police offer. And Aggravated Battery to officer Perzee is a lesser-offense of attempted murder, so that penalty, Devine explains, will be absorbed into the attempted murder sentencing.

Judge James Kinzer set a pre-sentencing date for two weeks from Thursday 9/28.

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