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Iroquois County OK’s solar energy ordinance

A 12-4 vote by the Iroquois County Board (Tuesday) approved a solar energy ordinance. County Board Vice-Chairman Dan Rayman led the charge to approve a crafted-ordinance that he says will spark commerce and create opportunity.......

Rayman and board member Chad McGinnis put in some time researching the solar farm industry. Rayman adding, it’s coming like it or not, so let’s be ready and by passing the ordinance, we can have some control over the development of the farms........

Opposition from four members, including Chairman John Shure, expressed a need to take more time to make sure all concerns were considered. Others pointed to a long-time opposing view of taking farm ground out of production.

Rayman points out, the Farm Bureau was part of the discussion, meetings to get input were held in the evenings, with just three county board members present.

The ordinance heads to the agenda for a Zoning Board of Appeals hearing scheduled for 7 pm August 29th.

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