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Herscher #2 teacher cuts fueled low enrollment

Herscher's Unit #2 School Board this week made three employment decisions which officials say will save the district $100,000.

The board eliminated a kindergarten teacher and high school math instructor because of a decline in enrollment. It also reduced a custodian position from full time to part time.

Superintendent Rich Decman said the district would rehire the kindergarten teacher should enrollment increase. The high school math teacher position could also be back in place if enrollment increases or another teacher moves from the district.

The numbers in the district during the past 16 years projects a few more years of decline before the student population levels off.

During the past five years, the district has cut staff and closed Reddick Elementary School to overcome a $3.6 million budget. Decman said the district likely will end this year with about a $250,000 deficit.

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