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Homicide: Inquest ruling for cause of death in Buckley fight

A Ford County Coroner’s inquest (Wednesday) revealed how a suburban-Chicago man died Christmas night following a fight outside a bar in Buckley.

The death of 25-year-old Daniel Connolly is ruled a homicide.

The Lyons (IL) man died at Gibson Area Hospital in Gibson City following a scuffle outside the Dutchmaster Bar.

The inquest ruling states Connolly died of asphyxiation.
Testimony from investigators revealed Connolly was held down by two people.

The police report says Connolly and several others were involved. Connolly and his two brothers were at the bar that night.

Two Buckley firefighters testified they saw Connolly on the ground. And he was being held down by two other men. There were at least three other victims. One was hit in the head with a hammer.

Investigators have the names of the men accused of holding Connolly down.

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