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Iroquois County Board gives tentative approval to FY17 budget

There’s black ink in the fiscal year ‘17 budget in Iroquois County. The surplus is just $642 dollars, but after weeks and even months of shuffling numbers the budget is balanced.

The County Board gave its tentative OK Tuesday. The budget will be on display at the Clerk’s office for the next 30 days. Formal approval is likely at the November meeting.
The budget includes the hiring of an additional sheriff deputy.

The proposed budget also shows one maintenance supervisor. That position had been expanded to two people under the past county administration; one for the courthouse and jail and then another full-time position for the Administrative Center.

In years past, Maintenance Supervisor Larry Pankey – more than adequately --kept the county campus in excellent shape, mowing, weeding and snow plowing. Yet despite budget hardships, the past administration added jobs with benefits and made part-time positions full-time.

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