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Iroquois deputy suffers broken arm, suspect arrested

Iroquois County Sheriff deputy Clint Perzee is recovering from severe injuries after he was injured (Friday) arresting a suspect in rural Milford.

Perzee suffered a broken arm, dislocated finger and was stitched up to close a lacerated arm. The deputy was struck by a tomahawk thrown at him by a suspect who was being arrested for Predatory Sexual Assault of a Child.

29-year-old Kevin Funk is jailed on a $500,000 bond. He’s charged with Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer and Attempted Murder for the assault of the officer.

Funk also faces 3-counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault and 3-counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse.

Sheriff’s Police had gone to the rural Milford residence (1131 N 1800 E Road) to arrest Funk on the sexual assault case. Police report during conversation and Funk and deputies, Funk managed to arm himself with a tomahawk, throwing it at Officer Perzee.

The deputy raised his arm to protect his head, the tomahawk striking his arm. Additional deputies responded and placed Funk in custody without further incident.

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