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Luther Starkey guilty of murder, facing 45 years

A Kankakee County jury Friday found 33-year-old Luther Starkey guilty for the shooting death of Tyrone Kennedy. Starkey was also found responsible for injuries that left Kennedy's cousin, Darrien Kennedy, paralyzed.

The verdict came after just under three-hours of deliberations. A sentencing date was not announced. Starkey faces up to 45 years in prison.

The week-long trial included testimony from more than a dozen witnesses. One of those testifying was the paralyzed victim, Darrien Kennedy, who told the court it was Starkey who killed his cousin in March of 2012 after a fight at a local bar.

The Daily-Journal reported Starkey's public defender, Larry Beaumont, repeatedly tried to question witnesses about another fight that he says occurred sometime before the shooting — one, he hoped, would have shown that someone else had a motive.

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