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Rep. Harms, GOP lawmakers object to 9-0 vote for Obama library

Republican lawmakers, including State Representative Josh Harms (Watseka) are protesting after an Illinois House committee recorded a 9-0 vote to commit $100 million for President Barack Obama's library and museum. That vote was even though the committee's four GOP members weren't there.

Rep. Ed Sullivan of Mundelein says he didn't expect a vote during Thursday's hearing.

Sullivan says "the legacy of the Obama presidential library shouldn't be kicked off in a cloud of controversy."

Rep Josh Harms said the state can't even pay its bills for schools and maintaining roads. Harms said "the state has no business spending money on a presidential library that should be funded with private funds."

Lawmakers approved the money to sweeten Chicago's bid for the library.

Democrats used the roll call from a Wednesday hearing on gambling as the vote for the library. No one objected.
A spokesman for House Speaker Michael Madigan says if there's a problem the committee will reconvene and vote again.

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