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15-year-old now charged as adult with murder

A one-million dollar bond was set Friday in Kankakee for 15-year-old Omar Keys. The Kankakee teen was charged as an adult for first-degree murder in a carjacking incident that left his alleged accomplice dead.
18-year-old Cleophus Reed was shot and killed when he and Keys allegedly took the carjacking victim back to his home in Sun River Terrace looking for money.

Police said the early morning carjacking and robbery attempt began around 1:30 Wednesday morning in Kankakee. Reed and Keys allegedly forced their way into the victim's vehicle. Armed with a handgun, the suspects drove the victim to a nearby ATM.

Unable to take any money out of the machine, the victim was then taken to his home. Prosecutors stated the victim was able to pull a shotgun from underneath a piece of furniture. Reed fired but was shot several times in the chest and head.

Authorities said the 15-year-old Keys, who was unharmed, fled but was caught about eight hours later at his home in Kankakee. Keys allegedly told police he never had possession of any gun.

Under state law, a defendant can be charged with murder even if he wasn't the gunman.

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