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It’s Official: Milford Area Public Schools District #124

"It's a great day in Bat and Bearcat land." That note from Superintendent Dale Hastings really says it all. Thursday night, Milford officially formed its new school district – voters having approved the consolidation of Milford grade school district 280 and high school district 233.

Naming the new district – Milford Area Public Schools District #124 --- Superintendent Hastings said, was a formality.

Hastings said it was a good meeting. "People spoke well, represented themselves well, and we move forward." The name change is required by state staute. Everything else remains the same. The green & white Bats are still in place at the grade school and the blue & white high school Bearcats.

Hastings said "it's all god."

The new school board, elected last month, includes Charles Leitz, Dave Fox, Jeff Mabbitt, Jim Kunce, John Schoolman, Mark Tweedy and Mary Ronna.

Mary Ronna was elected President. Charles leitz will serve as V-P and Dave Fox is Secretary.

Iroquois-Kankakee Regional School Superintendent Greg Murphy directed the organization meeting.

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