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Mayor Harwood says ‘time to leave egos at the door…” work toward honest solutions for Iroquois County communications

Watseka Mayor Bob Harwood says it's time elected officials put agendas aside and get on with finding a solution to emergency communications.

The mayor tells citizens and officials alike, this 9-1-1 / ETSB issue is a county-wide public safety issue. And he'll do what he has to in the best interest of the city.

Since a 9-1-1board meeting last week, an unidentified Iroquois County Board member has visited county offices inferring lay-offs to solve the 9-1-1 funding matter. That, Harwood said, is because false statements are being made that the city of Watseka is not going to pay its share of dispatch fees, leaving the financial burden on the county.

Mayor Harwood assures the public, their best interests are with public safety. And the distrust, false statements, personality clashes, and hidden agendas have to stop.

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