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Barickman sex offender registration measure approved by committee

SPRINGFIELD, IL - Legislation sponsored by Sen. Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) that makes it clear sex offenders must report to law enforcement when they lose a job, has advanced in the Illinois Senate.

"Although state law requires that sex offenders report a 'change' in employment, there was a recent appellate court ruling that losing a job is not the same as a change in employment," Barickman said.

"Members of the Pontiac Police Department and the McLean County State's Attorney's office brought this to my attention. This bill aims to clarify an ambiguity in the existing law."

Under Senate Bill 2912, a registered sex offender who loses his or her employment must report in person to the law enforcement agency where he or she last registered within three days of losing a job. This mirrors the requirement for a change in employment.

"Clearly, the original intent of the law was to assure that sex offenders notify police when they lose a job, just as they must when they change jobs," Barickman said.

The bill was approved by the Senate's Criminal Law Committee Feb. 19 on an 8-1 vote and now goes before the full Senate.