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Wallace to announce bid for 2nd Congressional District

ERIC M. WALLACE to announce that he has received the endorsements of Jim Oberweis, Marty Ozinga III, Paul McKinley, Dave Smith, Bishop Lance Davis, Joe Walsh, and a group of black and white pastors to run for Congress in the Illinois 2nd Congressional District.

Flossmoor, IL - After receiving support and encouragement from an unprecedented and diverse group of local business leaders, politicians, and religious leaders; Eric M. Wallace of Flossmoor, IL will hold a press conference on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH, at 5:30 p.m. at 15 Meadow view Center, Kankakee, IL to publicly announce his candidacy for the Illinois 2nd Congressional District seat formerly held by convicted felon Jessie Jackson Jr.

Riding on endorsements from U.S Senate candidate Jim Oberweis, local businessman Marty Ozinga III, former congressional candidate Paul McKinley, Illinois Family Institute President Dave Smith, former U.S. Congressman Joe Walsh, and a bi-partisan multicultural group of pastors and religious leaders; local businessman Dr. Eric Wallace will seek to mount the most aggressive and inclusive congressional campaign as a Republican that the 2nd district has seen in many years.

Responding to the stagnant economy, the recent passage of the "Same Sex Marriage" amendment in Illinois, the continued assault on 2nd amendment rights, and the Employee Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) which just passed in the United States Senate; Dr. Wallace is launching a campaign designed to challenge the faith community and all 2nd district citizens who support lower taxes and traditional family values to "rise up" and vote in support of their core principles in the upcoming March 2014 election.

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