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Housing Development Planned in Rossville; lots selling for $1

Rossville Mayor Richard Queen says it's a "great deal." Homeowner lots are selling for $1 each in his community. The hope is to generate a tax base.

Chicago-area developer Will Nelson says when he saw an ad offering one-dollar lots it intrigued him, ''and honestly I doubted it could be real, but it certainly is,'' he added. The Village of Rossville bought the land located on both the north and south sides of the community in hopes of finding a developer.

Mayor Queen says "we've found the developer and we're we want to move on this." He says "'because these lots will come back on the tax rolls and the village and the county will benefit,' it's quite deal," the Mayor said.

Nelson has plans for The Carriage Homes of Rossville. Buyers will choose from five different sets of ranch-style, maintenance free, single family attached homes. They range in size from 1,200 to 2,000 square feet.

''These will not be cookie cutter homes; we are building quality homes with high-end amenities,'' says Nelson. He adds ''buyers are buying a lifestyle as much as they are a new home.''

The homes will be built on lots served by the Rossville Village water, sewer and natural gas service. There are no age restrictions for the development. The average price of the homes is expected to be around $150-thousand dollars.