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Metro offers ‘North South Connector’ promotion

River Valley Metro Mass Transit District is celebrating the addition of the Route #12 North South Connector. Metro's newest route is designed to provide more options for the heavier ridership areas.

Today's (Wed) special promotion... from Noon 'til 4 pm ...allows anyone riding the Route #12 North South Connector to receive a free reusable shopping bag with coupons from Metro and businesses. A River Valley metro representative is also on board to answer questions about the new route.

River Valley Metro has more info at 815-937-4287 or online at rivervalleymetro.com

The North South Connector serves the areas of Entrance, Kennedy Drive and 5th Avenue during the top half of the hour. Service is provided three times an hour. During the bottom half of the hour, the #12 Route serves the south area, including KCC.

The North South Connector operates during Metro's peak hours 8 am 'til 5 pm Monday thru Friday.

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