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Kankakee Flood “drill” preps responders for real disaster

                  * Firefighters Damon Schuldt and Bryan LaRoche coordinated exercise for Master's Degree program

KANKAKEE -- Kankakee Community College was the setting for a 'learning and thinking' exercise for emergency responders Saturday.

First responders, including fire, ambulance personnel, hospital emergency rooms, public health, haz-mat teams, emergency management, County radio communications, ham radio operators, CERT volunteers, and several volunteer victims, worked alongside KCC staff and administrators to simulate the aftermath of a campus flood and related emergency events.

When it was over, participants and organizers shared feedback on their response performance to find ways to improve so they're ready should the real event ever press them into action.

The exercise was organized and controlled by Lt. Bryan LaRoche and Capt. Damon Schuldt of the Kankakee Fire Department. Both men are working toward their Master's degree.

Schuldt said the 3-hour drill went well.

"We wanted to stay within our allotted time and we did that; the drill went well," Schuldt said afterwards.

Schuldt said the exercise plan met Homeland Security Exercise requirements. And he said, it's hoped that KCC's lead in preparing for such a disaster will inspire other business and government officials to realize they too have a public safety responsibility.

Organization and participants followed the National Incident Management System (NIMS) protocol.

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