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More hot weather likely this week: NWS

The National Weather Service reports that an extended period of hot weather is expected in central Illinois this week.

A large area of high pressure over the central United States is expected to bring an extended period of hot weather over central and southeast Illinois.

Expect highs in the 90s each day, with Tuesday and Wednesday being the hottest this week. Highs in the mid- to upper 90s and heat-index values of 100 to 105 degrees are expected on those days.

The agency warned that there is a risk for heat-related illnesses this week, especially for people in poor health or those who have to spend a lot of time exposed to the heat.

Emergency Management Agency officials are asking community leaders to make cooling centers available for those citizens who may need relief from the heat. Government offices, churches, senior citizen facilities are asked to inform EMA officials and the media that cooling centers are open.

To avoid being overcome by heat exhaustion or heat stroke, people are advised to take plenty of breaks in shaded or air-conditioned environments, wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothing and drink plenty of water.

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