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Iroquois County Board ponders greater turbine setback

Wind turbines in Iroquois County might have to be located almost a full mile away from homes on property not being leased to a wind farm operator.

The Iroquois County Board's planning and zoning committee Friday will vote on whether to recommend the full board approve a proposal to increase the wind-turbine setback.

The full Board meets next Tuesday, July 9th at 9 am.

The proposal calls for the county's wind ordinance to be changed so that the setback between turbines and non-participating primary structures be increased from 1,500 feet to a distance that equals 12 times the rotar diameter.

That means the setback would range from 3,900 feet to 4,800 feet.

Another proposed change to the wind ordinance is that developers of wind farms would be required to prove shadow flicker will not affect non-participating landowners who live within one mile of a turbine. If the developer could not prove shadow flicker will not affect a home, then a waiver would be required from the affected person.

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