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Former Governor Jim Edgar lends support to Rep. Josh Harms >

"Good young people is what Springfield needs and I commend you people for sending Josh Harms to represent you."

Encouraging words from former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar. The popular Governor, with ties to Iroquois County, visited the Iroquois County Fair Grounds Friday to lend his support to Illinois State Representative Josh Harms. Edgar and Harms both addressed the crowd of around 200.

Harms spoke first about his experiences as a first year legislator. He also spoke about fact that the Democrats being in control of the General Assembly is no excuse for not getting things done for the people of the 106th district. Harms also expressed his gratitude for all of the support he has received from the people in the district and vowed not to forget where he comes from.

Harms introduced Governor Edgar by highlighting his accomplishments such as reformulating the school funding formula, balancing the State's budget, and leaving office with a budget surplus. The Governor spoke about his fondness for the area and the family that he had in Iroquois County. He went on to commend the crowd, "on the fact that you elected Josh last year."

"One of the things we need in government; we need good people and we need good young people...and again you need to be commended for sending Josh." Edgar spoke on the diversity of the state of Illinois and the need to have an understanding of the area one represents. "You need to make sure you have a strong voice in Springfield and with Josh you have that." Edgar said.

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