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Vermilion officials talk with potential nursing home buyers

Officials in Vermilion County meet today with representatives of two potential buyers of the county-owned Vermilion Manor Nursing Home.

The meetings, according to Vermilion County Board Chairman Gary Weinard, is the first meeting between county officials and potential buyers since the county received five proposals earlier this month.

Weinard said the meeting is preliminary and will allow county officials to explore the top two candidates' real interest in buying the nursing home.

Weinard said. "We want to be sure that a buyer fits the situation in terms of our staff and residents and its presence in the community."

In a November referendum, voters granted the county the authority to sell the nursing home, which has struggled financially off and on for many years.

Weinard said the county received five offers to buy the nursing home but only two are from reputable companies that are also willing to meet the county's stipulations, including continuing to run the facility as a nursing home and retaining the residents and staff.

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