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Dwight Prison site might serve local counties

DWIGHT — Livingston County Sheriff Marty Meredith is getting positive response from lawmakers and the state in an effort to utilize the recently closed women’s correctional center at Dwight.

Over-crowded conditions at county jails could find a portion of the Dwight facility opened for spill-over prisoners.

Livingston County officials are discussing future plans and a potential lease of a portion of the recently closed Dwight facility.

Local state representatives Josh Harms and Senator Jason Barickman recently met with Sheriff  Meredith, three Livingston County Board members and Department of Central Management Services Director Malcolm Weems. 

Rep. Harms called it a “very productive meeting.”  He’s optimistic about chances for getting the project approved.  Harms said “It’s not every day that we see efficiency in government, but Sheriff Meredith has done an outstanding job and has found a way to benefit the state and the local communities.”

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department currently houses inmates from other counties suffering from an overcrowded county jail, and the county charges a fee for housing those inmates. Some local officials hope to lease a portion of the Dwight Correctional Facility to allow the county to expand these services and bring additional revenue into the county.

Barickman too, called it a productive discussion of the issues related to the county’s use of the facility.  Barickman said “If the Livingston County elected officials decide this is the proper course of action,” he’ll  his best to continue to assist their efforts.”

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