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IMH Go Red Luncheon 2013

A packed crowd donned in red filled celebrations in Watseka Friday for the 2013 IMH Go Red Luncheon (an annual event to fight against heart disease and to promote heart health). Health Screenings were available to participants and during lunch, industry expert and Life Coach, Mary Quinn spoke about identifying and managing stress. She said, “The First step to anything is to understand what it is. And if you can look at stress as energy, again positively, it can push you to motivate you to get things done. It’s when the psychological effects happen such as tension and becoming irritated, that stress becomes too much, which can turn into more the physical problems such as headaches and ulcers. So it’s being preventive. Measuring it. Finding out what it is and taking care of it. And the biggest thing to do is listen to your body. And as we talked about, getting the energy out, with exercise, journaling, and venting the negative energy so you can feel better.”

IMH’s RN Marsha Hubert also spoke about symptoms of a Heart Attack and there was a question and answer session with a panel of IMH Medical professionals.

-Kevin Peters