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KAMEG Arrest in Martinton

KAMEG agents and officers with the Iroquois County Sheriff’s Department last Sunday executed a search warrant at 118 W. Main Street, Martinton, arresting a Beaverville man for Unlawful Production of Cannabis.

During the warrant, agents seized 114 high-grade cannabis plants which were being produced with a highly sophisticated indoor cannabis grow operation.  In the home agents seized a significant amount of processed cannabis, drug paraphernalia and numerous items which were used to grow the cannabis ranging from expensive lighting and electrical components, an array of fertilizer, and fans.

31-year-old John Craycraft of  Beaverville was arrested and charged with Production of Cannabis Plants, a Class 2 Felony.  He was jailed in Watseka at the Iroquois County Jail and was assigned a bond of $10,000.  An investigation is on-going and additional arrests are pending. The cannabis has an estimated street value of $135,000. 

According to Director Jamal A. Simington, “There has been an increase in domestically produced cannabis which has a high THC (active ingredient in cannabis) level not experienced by law enforcement in the past.  The indoor cannabis grows are extremely dangerous and agents who are dealing with these cases are taking extra precautions to remain safe.”  Director Simington would like to remind the public that criminal enterprises are using homes and other buildings in rural and populated communities for the sole purpose of growing cannabis at an increased rate.  Contact KAMEG or your local police department if you observe the following suspicious activity in your community: 1) irregular visits by a property owner; 2) transfer of excessive equipment (lighting, fans, buckets, dehumidifiers, fertilizer, soil, etc.) into a building/home; 3) strange odors coming from inside the building/home; 4) windows which are covered by boards/black plastic; 5) owners who have excessive garbage are not using neighborhood waste companies; 6) visits of short duration by a variety of people; and 7) no one actively living in the home or working in the building.  The Iroquois and Kankakee County State’s Attorney’s Offices provided assistance during this investigation.