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Storm Damage in Iroquois County….

….Emergency Responders are Victims


Two professional emergency response people became are victims of severe weather in Iroquois County Sunday.  No injuries have been reported, but  structural damage was widespread south and east of Watseka.

Ameren utility crews report a few cust9omers still without power this morning.  Those are in select areas near Route 24 between Watseka and crescent City where up to 49 utility poles came down across the T.P.& W. Railroad tracks along Route 24.

Watseka Police Sgt. Jeremy Douglas’ family is OK but a building was destroyed at the family site along County Road 1730 N.  A 40 by 40 cinder-block building was blown apart on the north side of the property. Site.  Debris was scattered a few miles to the east. Crumbled siding and furniture was ripped apart.  The Douglas family was in the basement of the house, which wasn’t hit by the storm.  Douglas said his wife was paying attention to weather reports and made sure the family was safely tucked until the storm had passed.

A few miles to the east, Iroquois County 9-1-1 Coordinator Nita Dubble’s 2-story home was shaken and windows blown out.  Dubble said she was sitting inside and heard the winds rumble thru the house.  At least five buildings on the property were damaged by winds.  A camper parked inside one shed was impaled with a board ripped from another building.  One camper, inside the building was moved about 8-feet.  A large evergreen tree was also uprooted.

A farmer east of the same area, near Shewami Country Club, reported seeing a funnel aloft, but it didn’t touch down.    


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