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Rob's Bio

Rob joined the airstaff at WGFA in the summer of 2010.  He can be heard weekdays 4pm-10pm.  Rob West is also the WGFA news correspondent for Kankakee County, covering local city council, board meetings and other news.  He also fills in occasionally on the morning show for Erick David or Carl Gerdovich.

He grew up in Rochester, a small town in northern Indiana.  While still in high school, his first job was writing sports for his hometown newspaper, the Rochester Sentinel.  He’s been in radio for more than 25 years and has worked almost every job possible at a radio station.  Rob often plays racquetball for fun and exercise.  Rob is a big fan of radio in general.  He says he enjoys the interaction with those who listen to the station and “I just love being a part of radio on a day-to-day basis.”  When asked whether he had ever met anyone famous, Rob tell’s the story about how he covered a news event in Kankakee where a young man, then running for Illinois Senate was to speak.  The young man was Barack Obama.  “He was a very nice man…tall...made me feel short.”

“The most fun I've ever had in radio was one morning when I was still working part time.  I drew the honor of working from midnight to 6am on Christmas morning.  After the news and weather at midnight, I told the listeners I knew they were out there getting gifts ready for Christmas and cooking or baking.  I asked if there was one special Christmas song that meant it just wouldn’t be Christmas unless they heard it.  And, I told them I'd take their requests.  I took phone calls solid until about 4 in the morning!  It was a blast!”

Favorite Movie(s):  “I'm a fan of Bruce Willis, The 6th Sense is one of my favorites.  I really liked Inception and anyone that knows me knows of my affinity for anything that has to do with Star Trek...and the most recent movie was great!”

Favorite Music Artist(s):  BIlly Joel, Elton John, Unlce Kracker.  “My favorite artists have always been most of those we play on WGFA.”

Favorite Food(s):  “Who doesn't love pizza?!  I am a steak and potatoes kind of guy as well...and really, just about anything with carbs in it.”

Favorite Sports Team(s):  “Depending on the season of course...I'm a Chicago White Sox fan, I follow Fighting Illini basketball and football...Notre Dame football...Blackhawks hockey...in NFL, my three favorite teams are the Chicago Bears, whoever's playing Green Bay and whoever's playing Minnesota.”